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Joseph Bonaparte, Comte de Survilliers
Creator: Adolph Maillard, Jr.
Date: 1840 (circa)
This pencil portrait is by Adolph Mailliard (b. 1819 in Bordentown, New Jersey), son of Bonaparte’s personal secretary, Louis Mailliard (b. 1795). It is believed that Adolph made the portrait on one of the many trips which Bonaparte and the…

Pauline Bonaparte Borghese
Creator: Antonio Canova
Date: 1811 (circa)
Sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte Borghese reclining semi-nude on a cushioned day-bed, holding a piece of fruit. She is posing as "Venus Vincitrice." This piece is almost identical to the life-size original in the Villa Borghese in Rome, except this…

Joseph Bonaparte en Amérique: 1815-1832

Creator: Bertin, Georges
Date: 1893
An account of Joseph Bonaparte's life in America. Of particular interest to this project, Appendix B (p. 415) contains an inventory of the paintings in Joseph Bonaparte's gallery.

Catalogue of valuable books... to be sold... September 18th, 1845, at the residence of the late Joseph Bonaparte

Creator: Birch, Thomas, Jr.
Date: 1845
This copy bound with an inventory of the catalogue of paintings sold September 17, 1845.

Fall front secretary desk
Creator: Bouvier, Michel
Date: 1818 - 1820
This fall front secretary desk is attributed to the French-born and trained cabinetmaker Michel Bouvier (1792-1874) who emigrated to Philadelphia after the collapse of the Empire in 1815. By 1819 he had established himself as a cabinetmaker, and in…

Landscape sketch
Creator: Charlotte Bonaparte
Date: 1823 (circa)
Oval pencil sketch (landscape) by Charlotte Bonaparte (1802-1839), daughter of Joseph Bonaparte. Signed "C. 1823" and inscribed: "20 Juillet 1833 / un Souvenir / de Joseph Bonaparte / a son ami Short / Peintre par/ Charlotte [?] fi." Also a later…

Madame LaCoste
Creator: Charlotte Bonaparte
Date: 1823
Watercolor of Madame LaCoste painted by Charlotte Bonaparte at Point Breeze. Signed and dated in lower left corner. Emilie Lacoste was the beautiful Creole wife of Felix Lacoste, publisher of Joseph Bonaparte's New York City newspaper, Le Courrier…

Candelabra pair, French Empire gilt and patinated bronze

Creator: Claude Galle (attributed)
Date: 1800 (circa)
The tapering standard issuing central nozzle and three candlearms in the form of winged sea-creatures, united by chains hanging from their mouths, the triangular bases supported by winged griffins, on conforming incurved tripartite base.

The Abduction of Europa

1978-160-1 (1).jpg
Creator: Coypel, Noël-Nicolas, French, 1690-1734
Date: 1727
According to the story told in Ovid's Metamorphoses, the god Jupiter, smitten with the nymph Europa, transformed himself into a white bull and abducted her. Here Jupiter swims away with Europa on his back attended by a host of sea deities. Celebrated…

The Boors' Concert

Creator: David Teniers the Younger, Flemish, 1610-1690
Date: 1640s (early)

Elizabeth Patterson
Creator: E.W.B.
Date: 1810 (circa) -1815 (circa)
Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860), youngest of Napoleon's brothers, married Elizabeth Patterson of Baltimore in 1803. (From that union are descended the American Bonapartes.) Napoleon, however, annulled the marriage by imperial decree and Jerome was made…

Joseph Bonaparte's toiletry kit and leather case
Creator: Joseph Rodgers & Sons
Leather-covered toiletry case with silver plaque engraved "Legs du roi Joseph Napoleon a Adolph Mailliard." Hinged lid of case lined with red velvet contain 4 scissors (stamped Macdaniels, Oxford St.), nail file, 2 razors (stamped Joseph Rodgers &…

Charlotte Bonaparte
Creator: Lawrence, Charles B. (attributed)
Date: 1824 (circa)
Charlotte Bonaparte (1802 – 1839) was the daughter of Joseph Bonaparte and the niece of Napoleon. Raised in France, Charlotte joined her father in 1821 at his New Jersey Estate, Point Breeze, and remained there until 1824. This portrait of…

Gothic Revival carved mahogany side chair

Creator: Michel Bouvier (attributed), French/American, 1792-1874, Philadelphia, PA
Crestrail pierced with quatrefoils flanked by Gothic recessed paneled stiles, similary paneled seat rail on ring-turned and tapering paneled legs.

Portrait of Napoleon

Creator: Michel Delaporte, after Hectare
Date: 1831
Portrait of Napoleon shown in a 3/4 view. Below is an eagle brandishing a sword in its claw and labeled France underneath.

Bonaparte's park, and the Murats

Creator: Woodward, E. M. (Evan Morrison)
Date: 1879

St. Catherine of Alexandria
Round portrait panel painting of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Her right hand rests on a wheel, referring to her death. She holds the palm of martyrdom in her left hand. According to Hopkinson family tradition, this unsigned, late Renaissance…

Pair of side chairs
Date: 1815 (circa)
Pair of mahogany Grecian side chairs, scroll back, saber legs, and Boulle inlay in cresting rail. These chairs are believed to have been made for Joseph Bonaparte's first home at Point Breeze near Bordentown, New Jersey, c. 1815. When the first…

Porcelain chocolate set
Date: 1830 (circa)
Old Paris porcelain chocolate set, white with gold drapery decoration, France, c. 1830, consisting of one 9" plate; five 2 3/4" straight-side cups; five 2 1/4" round-sided cups; four 4 3/4" saucers; three 5" saucers. According to family tradition,…

Porcelain bowl
Glazed white porcelain bowl with overglaze polychrome decoration. Rim painted black with polychrome flowers (including roses, tulips, daisies, pansies, etc.) and gilt stylized leaves. Double rimmed base with narrow gilt band around outer base. …

Porcelain dinnerware
Date: 1800 (circa) - 1811 (circa)
Several pieces of this white porcelain dinner service with overglaze of polychrome decoration have survived with a tradition that they were acquired at the "Point Breeze" sale. They are of the correct period and of a handsome and serviceable type…