Joseph Bonaparte in America is a website to aid in the development of academic knowledge about Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, who lived in Philadelphia, PA, and Bordentown, NJ, 1817-1832, and then 1835-1838 after his return from England. He held the titles of King of Naples and Sicily (1806-1808) and King of Spain (1808-1813, as Jose I) which were assigned to him after his brother's conquests.

This website contains list of resource material about Joseph Bonaparte, a list of experts knowledgeable about him, a listing of material objects known to have been owned by him in America, and a database of his objects in America that have been located in museums, institutions and private collections.

You are encouraged to enter information about objects belonging to Joseph Bonaparte in America that have not already been listed in the database or to enhance any information that is contained in the database. Also, please contribute to the resource listing any publications about Joseph Bonaparte that are not included there.

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