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Landscape sketch
Creator: Charlotte Bonaparte
Date: 1823 (circa)
Oval pencil sketch (landscape) by Charlotte Bonaparte (1802-1839), daughter of Joseph Bonaparte. Signed "C. 1823" and inscribed: "20 Juillet 1833 / un Souvenir / de Joseph Bonaparte / a son ami Short / Peintre par/ Charlotte [?] fi." Also a later…

Portrait of Napoleon

Creator: Michel Delaporte, after Hectare
Date: 1831
Portrait of Napoleon shown in a 3/4 view. Below is an eagle brandishing a sword in its claw and labeled France underneath.

Bonaparte's park, and the Murats

Creator: Woodward, E. M. (Evan Morrison)
Date: 1879

The Abduction of Europa

1978-160-1 (1).jpg
Creator: Coypel, Noël-Nicolas, French, 1690-1734
Date: 1727
According to the story told in Ovid's Metamorphoses, the god Jupiter, smitten with the nymph Europa, transformed himself into a white bull and abducted her. Here Jupiter swims away with Europa on his back attended by a host of sea deities. Celebrated…